Personal training packages


Completely private one on one and pair training


Each visit (session) is a hour.

Every sign up receives a copy of my instructional strength training & nutritional plan with daily motivation

Try our one FREE week!

includes: nutrition plan, daily motivation and 2 private personal training sessions

Individual training:

$40/hr. per session, 40 sessions = $1600 + GST

(most economical) (payment options available)

$45/hr. per session 20 sessions = $900 = GST


$55/hr. per session,10 sessions = $550 = GST


PAIR TRAINING (2 ppl max)

10 SESSIONS @ $35/HR/PER PERSON = $700 +TAX  ($350 per)

25 SESSIONS @ $30/HR/PER PERSON = $1500 + TAX  ( $750 per) 

[Payment option available)

Online sessions available though zoom and facetime!


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