After working with several personal trainers, I was use to the same old workouts that had me doing a lot of running/jumping which eventually tore my ACL. After rehabilitation I was unable to return to that type of training due to the wear and tear on the my joints and since my goal was to be healthy, lean and strong it simply didn't make sense to continue.  With Mike's low impact strength training, and nutrition program,  he has taught me how to eat the foods I want and not have to feel guilty or "burn it off" in the gym which means I can live my life and do the things I love without the hardships of binge eating and wear and tear on my joints and tendons. Simply put I have my life back, thanks Mike!



I have been personal training with Mike for 10 years. He has always maintained a safe and professional approach. I believe he is what the future of health and wellness looks like due to his basic, easy to follow programs that allows every body type and lifestyle to safely achieve muscle symmetry, healthy eating habits and injury prevention. After training with the big health club trainers that left me feeling like I was just a paycheck, it was refreshing to know that my health and wellness goals came first with Mike and I was glad to invest my time and money with him. Best investment  I have ever made! 



Being a vegetarian, I needed a nutrition plan that suited my lifestyle. With easy to follow and simple nutritional guidelines, I have lost over 100 lbs of fat and am still losing! If your looking for life long results EFN FITNESS is the place to be. They provide everything  you need to achieve your health and wellness goals. Every body can benefit from them including injury rehabilitation to people with POTS, diabetes, and other restricting conditions. Highly recommended 

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