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Author and 2 x Alberta bodybuilding champion  Mike Coughlin has been a personal trainer in Edmonton for the past 20 years. He has placed his body through the toughest nutritional and physical strains year after year for two decades. That has provided him with a unique outlook that comes with fat loss, muscle gain, mental fatigue, injury prevention and recovery . Understanding how the mind and body works together is the key. So he has developed his nutrition and strength training programs to work for anybody that is interested in 1. normalizing there food habits 2. learning what are the minimal weekly requirements for health and fitness for life! With low impact exercises paired with the level of  intensity required, his clientele has made injury recovery and life style changes manageable and achievable. This  has produced a high level success in his clientele which can be hard to find in the fitness industry today. Motivating his clientele to do simple easy-to- follow plan that can work for all types of people with every type of mental/physical issue is the key to his success.
Mike has been involved in sports and fitness training his whole life and has achieved professional certification with Alberta Fitness Leadership, Can-Fit-Pro Personal Training Specialist and YMCA Fitness Certification to provide greater understanding of how the body moves, recovers and transforms under all types movements to ensure his clientele to loses fat, gains muscle and recovers from injuries; including knee and hip replacements, tendon, nerve and joint damage, poor range of motion, fibromyalgia and many more physical and mental ailments.
After seeing the fitness industry change year after year and studying different medical and holistic viewpoints, Mike helps his clientele have the best possible outcome to whatever ailments they suffer from. With over an 80% client success rate, he can help you with every possible fitness ailment with sound nutritional and holistic advice paired with gradual progression strength training techniques to bring you the easiest and simplest way to achieve living a long, strong, and healthy life.


Personal trainer

                 Tricia has been a personal trainer for  5 years She decided after her first child that she needed to continue taking care of her body. Being active her whole life she has learned how to implment new and fun ways to stay strong and healthy, then transfer that knowledge to her clients; such as: strength training and nutrition.
                 With gradual progression techniques used along with a safety first mentality, Tricia is a personal trainer that can help men and women  feel comfortable in a gym setting and have a greater understanding of how to use equipment like dumbbells, machines, cables, stability ball along with all other types of strength training equipment.
She provides one on one personal training as well as pair training. Her friends/family/clients have described her as fun, personable. She offers sound nutritional advice with an emphasis on vegetables, protein and water as being part of a daily routine. When it comes to gaining strength and muscle she is your fitness leader having the ability to make strength training easy, understandable and uniquely incorporated into your daily life from having first hand knowledge.

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