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Private Personal training at EXECUTIVE FITNESS AND NUTRITION is a way to practice healthy behaviors that leads to a high level of wellness and optimal well-being for life long results. Eat your vegetables!



EFN is not an open gym, but a private training health facility comprising of 1200 sq. ft with all the latest equipment for strength training to ensuring that safety is first. We offer a inviting atmosphere, in a private setting.

We begin our relationship building with a personal fitness assessment, obtain current basis of nutrition and previous emotional set-backs and create a customized but realistic healthy and holistic pathway forward based on the needs of your bio mechanics and history that fits your life’s schedule, finances and overall well being.


Our packages are built to create habits in all aspects of your life. These habits are conditioned to be completed in 21-42 days. Working out will not achieve your goals alone. A proper dietary and nutritional program mixed with meditative practices are essential to your minds well being and body development to attain your fitness and health goals. At EFN, we are dedicated to making it simple and convenient for you. Whether you are just getting started or need a bit of a boost, we will keep you motivated, accountable and always feeling good about yourself; because who you are is not what’s on the outside but the goodness and strength within your own personal core.

3907-98 ST UNIT 110


780 893 3969

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